Ocracoke Coffee Co.

Ocracoke Island is without a doubt my favorite spot on the Outer Banks. It was part time anchorage and death site of one Edward Teach (aka. Blackbeard). It has been a naval PT. Boat base, and now boasts some of the worlds most beautiful beaches. The island is accessible only by ferry and is uninhabited […] Continue reading →

Search For The Big Ugly

For those that have never passed through or spent time on Hatteras Island in North Carolina, you likely have never heard of or had an encounter with a Big Ugly. Locals will give you wrong directions if you ask where to find a Big Ugly, and summer vacationers walk away changed for life after their […] Continue reading →

Information Security Trends

I was recently at a presentation done by the local FBI office. During the meeting I was able to confirm with them what we have been seeing in a trend of attacks on small business. It seems as though the organized crime elements in the world have realized that it is easier and cheaper to […] Continue reading →

Review: Uglie Mugs, Avon NC.

We are no closer to the capture of Bigugly, but we did find a neat coffee shop in the Village of Avon, here on the Outer Banks.   Uglie Mugs is located (like most everything) on NC Highway 12. It is a very small shop which makes it “cozy” I suppose. It seats maybe 20 […] Continue reading →

Bit O Java attacks the coast

We have arrived after 600 miles of “are we there yet” from the  back seat. Braving hotel coffee (Hampton Inn does have a marginally good brew) and horrid Norfolk Traffic to bring you our week of reviews of Outer Banks coffee houses and other coffee related items of interest. Dont forget to follow us on […] Continue reading →

Live from the Central Ohio Infosec Summit

First the important stuff, the free coffee and spread of food has been very good! The coffee selection at these events is generally  in one category: bitter. Fortunately the Greater Columbus Convention Center has someone on staff that buys fair to good coffee.   This is the third year I have attended this event, and […] Continue reading →


Guatamala has been known for some time as a top shelf coffee producer, so we had to try some beans from just south of Mexico. These beans are very dark brown, and very oily, based on prior experience with beans of this color and texture I expected a bitter brew. The aroma of the unground […] Continue reading →

Stay Calm!

Please try and stay calm as we get things up and running smoothly! Within minutes of our first post, geeks and bean-heads everywhere took to the streets demanding more from Bit0Java.com! Fortunately we are secure in our underground lair, so fear not, more Tech News and Coffee reviews will be posted shortly! Continue reading →