Donkey Coffee

Soon we heard piano music and picked up our cups and headed toward the sound. The back room at Donkey Coffee includes a small stage, several seating areas and a sound booth, and a piano. We were soon treated to an impromptu concert of Christmas tunes with some jazz thrown in and even the peanuts theme. Continue reading →

Defending your personal digital fourth amendment

For your digital life I recommend the following actions and purchases. Don’t use Gmail, Yahoo or other mainstream big business email services. They might seem to be great but trust me they are not free and in some circumstances they might just cost you your freedom. Register a domain name with Bluehost and for the cost of two cups of horrible Starbucks coffee per month you can have your own email service. This will NOT keep your email from being read, but will keep companies like Google from scanning EVERY email in and out of your box for their own purposes. Continue reading →

Kool Beans!

Lancaster Ohio is known for a couple of things. It is the birthplace of General Sherman who at the end of the war of Northern Aggression, (Throwing out a bone for our Southern Readers), burned Atlanta. And in the summer a world class music festival which has seen the likes of Kenny Rodgers, the Beach Boys, Aretha Franklin and Michael Bolton. Continue reading →

BitoJava, Guatemala Medium Roast

We recently began a partnership with Backroom Roasters of Columbus Ohio, to find us primo beans, work with our tastes and find the perfect roast for our signature coffees. Chris at Backroom Roasters had just gotten these awesome Guatemalan beans and we asked him to roast them to a perfect medium to unleash the fruit and nut flavors without being sour or bitter. He did an incredible job. Continue reading →

Should I Open that e-mail?

I get asked questions about opening e-mail attachments just about every day.  Someone asks if they should open the e-mail that they got from a friend that claims it is the funniest, cutest, most important e-mail ever.   It is a high risk low reward choice to open that e-mail.  If you open the e-mail […] Continue reading →