Attitude is everything – You are in control

Attitude is EverythingAttitude is everything.  Yes it really is true.  What ever your attitude is toward a project or your goals.  Will decide whether you will be successful or not.

Can this really be true?  Is it really that simple?  Yes it really is.  But it is all up to you.  Change tour attitude change your life.

How can you change your attitude?  First thing is that you have to know what your attitude is now.  I am not talking about your minute by minute attitude.  We all know that like the weather that can change quickly.  I am talking about your overall attitude.  What is that?  How do you feel?  How do you look at life.  What is the long term outlook that is setting you on your path?

Attitude is Everything

If you made it here clearly you are looking for a way to change your attitude.  So something brought you here.  As with just about anything.  If you truly want to change your attitude.  You have to be willing to change.  Your attitude is everything.  You are in control of where your attitude goes from here.  This post is to help you see the path and stay on it.

The great thing about attitudes is that they are not set in stone.  At any time you can change it.

What is it that will change your attitude.  We can give you come pointers but in the end it is up to you.  To change your attitude you need to know what you want.   If you are like me you have had some trouble figuring that out.    To make you think about it we have a few questions for you. Do not think about them just answer them as quickly as possible.  Need a place to write them out?  Click Here for a nice little free template we made for you

Questions to ask yourself

  1. What makes you happy?  Think about the things in your life that you really like to do.  Not only will this bring a smile to your face but it will help to give you some ideas on what will change your attitude.
  2. What things do you like to do that make you lose track of time?
  3. What makes you feel amazing about  yourself?
  4. Think of what were or currently are your favorite things to do?
  5. If you could teach someone something what would you teach?

After answering these quick questions you will have an idea of the things that make you happy.  This is what you can use to change that attitude.

You want to change that attitude from crappy to happy – here are a few things to do.

Change that tune

  1.  Have a morning routine –  This does not mean that you have to start the day exactly the same every day.  More that you think or do things that will start the day off right.  For an example think of something positive.  Ask yourself “How much am I going to Accomplish today?  Think of good and happy thoughts.
  2. Believe that you are able to change  – we have already established that attitude it everything.  In order to change that attitude you have to believe that you are able to change.  If you don’t have that belief there will be no way that you will be able to get that great attitude that you are looking for.  You have to actively strive for that great attitude.  Believe in the change and you will be on your way.
  3. Think about how a great Attitude will change your life – in order to change your attitude and make it stick.  It is important to know what it is that you want to achieve.   If you do not have a goal in mind then it will be like flapping in the breeze.

It really is true.  Attitude is everything.  With these helpful tips you can change your attitude.    You can do it.  We know you can.   Leave a comment on how you are doing.  We would love to hear from you.

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