Write it down – The only way to achieve your goals

Write it downWrite it down.  Say it out loud.  Write it down.  Now do just that, write it down.

How many times gave you had a fantastic idea and you don’t write it down.  Then later that day or the next you think man that was a great idea.  Wish I could remember what it was.

We have all done it.  Every one of us thinks the same thing.  Wow if I could just remember that great idea.  Where would I be now?

That is why it is so important to write things down.

Lets say you don’t have any paper with you and a pen.  What could you possible do then?

Wait for it….

You have this device that I am sure you carry with you everywhere.   Your phone.  You know what your phone has on it?  A voice recorder.  It probably also has a note taking program.  If you don’t have these two apps on your device down load them now.  Easy as can be.  Now you can at least get that idea down till you can write it down.  You will at least have the basic idea that will trip the old grey matter in your head so the idea will not be lost.

Those are good to have.  Great when you are not in a spot to write the ideas down on paper.  As soon as you can get those ideas written down.

When you write them down they become more permanent and also become more real.  At least they do for me

It has been shown that writing things down can help to lead to action.  I may have just made that up but I am sure there is a study out there that shows this.  So I will change it to this.  In my experience writing things down helps me to get more things done.

Write it Down

Well I guess sometime there are extenuating circumstances.   So unless you are stuck in a haunted hotel writing things down leads to good things.

Why You Should get in the Habit of Writing Things Down

Your Memory Sucks

Very few people have a great memory.  I know everyone can remember things but really.  How much do you remember from day to day.  If you are anything like me you need clues to kick your mind into gear.  If you are writing things down your notes are the clues.

Ideas Fade

As time goes on.  Sometimes as little as a few minutes.  The ideas that you have start to fade and change.  You may have had the best idea that you ever had.  You think holy crap what a great idea.  It was not  written down.  You try and try to remember it.  It does not work.  Your idea is gone.  The amazing idea that you once had has faded into the ether.  If is still there but it is gone to you forever.  It really did not have to be that way.   If you had just written it down you would be on the way to what ever amazing idea or goal you would have had.

Save your Mental RAM

Like a computer we have limited RAM.  For you non computer geeks RAM stands for Random Access Memory.  This is the memory that your programs on your computer run in.  The more RAM you have the better your computer runs.  (well other things can help to but since this post is about writing things down we are focused here).  When you write things down you don’t have to keep the whole idea in your brain RAM.  You off load it to a page file so that when you are ready to process it you just have to take a look at it and BAM there it is the whole idea is back and you are ready to roll.

Focus Focus Focus

Staying focused on your goals is the key.  In order to break bad habits and start new good ones it will take time and focus.   Identify the things that are distracting you from your task?   Games, Movies, Television, Your Pet.  LOL  It is true it can be anything.

Write the distractions down.  Use the writing as a new distraction to distract you from the things distracting you…   That is quite the crazy sentence but if you read it again it actually makes sense.

You are starting a good habit to distract you from the bad habit.  So some distractions can be a good thing.  We will be going in to this more at a later time.

For now get in the habit of writing things down.  It really will make a difference.  Put your list in the comments.  Would love to hear what you are up to.

This all ties into deciding to live the good life.  If you have not read that yet you can find it here.

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