Kahuka Shrimp, Oahu comes to Buxton


I am on my yearly decompression pilgrimage to the Carolina coast.  Relaxation is only part of the reason that I choose to make a twelve-hour drive and fight Hampton Roads/Richmond traffic. The other side of the trip coin is of course FOOD.

We have been visiting this stretch of the Outer Banks nearly every year since 1998. In that time we have had only two bad meals from local restaurants. Also in that time, establishments have come and gone, but there is never a shortage of fine food when we are here.

Last night was a new culinary experience, as we visited a restaurant that had somehow slipped by all these years. Rusty’s Surf and Turf is located in Buxton NC., a small village that hosts among other this the Haterras Lighthouse.

While recovering from the drive the day before, my taste buds were whipped up in Donald Trump Protester, near riot condition. They demanded SHRIMP and my stomach was furiously backing the call. So for dinner we were off to Rusty’s.

We were the first group to arrive and be seated in the dining area. The feel of Rusty’s is a little bit North Carolina and a good bit Caribbean. Once seated I settled on a Carolina Brewing Company Copperline Ale, and we chose the Kahuka shrimp for an appetizer.

OBX16 152

The dish arrived a short time after drinks and was a work of art in its presentation. The shrimp was large and shell on, having been steamed which prevents soggyness. They were covered in an outstanding sauce which somehow captured sweet, sour, and hot all in one bite!

The choice of the Carolina Copperline Ale turned out to be a perfect match to the shrimp, providing a palate cleansing bitter element that balanced the spicy and sweet finish of the sauce. The rest of our meal was outstanding as well, as was the staff and chef at Rusty’s . If you are ever hungry on highway 12 and want an impeccable Carolina gone Pacific dining experience stop in and leave satisfied.

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