10 Key Indicators you are living the Good-Life (and might not know it)

In no particular order:

  1. The air is filled with the aroma of fresh ground Costa-Rican beans.
  2. You own  bespoke clothing
  3.  The sound of children surrounds you.
  4.  That ring of smoke you see is Dominican in origin.
  5.  You can quote Kipling.
  6.  The experience of 30 year old scotch is not foreign to you.
  7.  You think of others before yourself.
  8.  You seek adventure in some manner every day.
  9. You’ve cranked Handel’s Messiah during a thunderstorm.
  10.  You read BitOjava.com!


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Husband, Father, Freemason, and Entreprenuer who happens to be a lover of Coffee, Cigar’s, Scotch, and Live Music, who wishes he were sitting off Okracoke island, under a black flag , java brew in hand and the wind at his back.

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