Living the Good Life…….

So over the next few weeks or months depending on your feedback, I am going to look at what it takes to live the “Good” life. Does it really take Donald Trumps money (or attitude), do you need a house on St. Barths? A Lamborghini Aventador?? I say no, I say the Good life is a combination of quality (not necessarily expensive) things, mindset and experiences.

Example,  I’ve seen in excess of 100 bands live in two years and the most memorable times were not related to the popularity of the band or the size of the venue. Watching my daughter FINALLY get to shoot Aerosmith , while I sat under the balmy, starry sky, sipping a cold beer with thousands of fans…that’s the good life.

Coffee, there’s another passion of mine, we have reviewed some very expensive coffee’s here at Bitojava, and without reservation I can assure you price and quality did not always correlate! I have had $40/Lb coffee experiences on $14/lb coffee.

So put on a really good piece of music, brew up a favorite bean or pour a good whiskey, kick back in that favorite spot on the couch and enjoy a little “Good Life”.


Stay with us as we explore some of the finer things and experiences, from Travel to Clothing, Food, Coffee of course, Cigars, Whiskeys and more….. Hey, Gotta run there’s a $10 Dominican Robusto to smoke, BLS on the Itunes, and Angels Envy to quench my thirst,

Here’s to the Good Life,



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Husband, Father, Freemason, and Entreprenuer who happens to be a lover of Coffee, Cigar’s, Scotch, and Live Music, who wishes he were sitting off Okracoke island, under a black flag , java brew in hand and the wind at his back.

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