Living the Good Life…….

So over the next few weeks or months depending on your feedback, I am going to look at what it takes to live the “Good” life. Does it really take Donald Trumps money (or attitude), do you need a house on St. Barths? A Lamborghini Aventador?? I say no, I say the Good life is a combination of quality (not necessarily expensive) things, mindset and experiences.

Example,  I’ve seen in excess of 100 bands live in two years and the most memorable times were not related to the popularity of the band or the size of the venue. Watching my daughter FINALLY get to shoot Aerosmith , while I sat under the balmy, starry sky, sipping a cold beer with thousands of fans…that’s the good life.

Coffee, there’s another passion of mine, we have reviewed some very expensive coffee’s here at Bitojava, and without reservation I can assure you price and quality did not always correlate! I have had $40/Lb coffee experiences on $14/lb coffee.

So put on a really good piece of music, brew up a favorite bean or pour a good whiskey, kick back in that favorite spot on the couch and enjoy a little “Good Life”.


Stay with us as we explore some of the finer things and experiences, from Travel to Clothing, Food, Coffee of course, Cigars, Whiskeys and more….. Hey, Gotta run there’s a $10 Dominican Robusto to smoke, BLS on the Itunes, and Angels Envy to quench my thirst,

Here’s to the Good Life,



Staying Focused The True Task

Staying Focused … Oh look a Squirrel

Staying Focused on the task you are trying to accomplishStaying Focused for many people is one of the most difficult obstacles to over come.  At times when you are trying to complete just about any task your mind wanders and the distractions come easily.  Sometimes it is from lack of motivation.  Other times it is just because you are stuck spinning your wheels.  Luckily there are a few simple steps you can follow that will help you to stay focused and motivated to get that task completed.  It may not be easy the first time but after you get the first task accomplished the next one will be all that much easier.


Clear All Unnecessary Distractions

Distractions are a huge problem with it comes to staying focused.  Sometimes being distracted is a good thing.  It can help to clear your mind and possibly reduce stress.  Other times being distracted can prevent you from getting s task accomplished and staying focused. Which could then lead to more procrastination and more stress because you are not getting the things done that you are working toward.

Clearing the clutter of distractions around you can help you to stay focused.  Some people say you need to clear the distractions completely from your life.    Maybe they are right more than likely it is a balance between the distractions and removing them.  There are certain things that I am not willing to give up.  Like oh say television.  I really quite enjoy watching different shows.  Somehow I always seem to end up on the Food Network.

The first thing you need to do is identify what the distractions are that keep you from staying focused.

Just to get your mind flowing here are a few distraction I have identified.

Television – I am not going to stop watching but have modified my television viewing

Internet – this is s a little more difficult since I have access to it all the time – See Breaking old habits

Video Games – I switched from playing games that took a lot of time to arcade style games that are quick to play.  Just for a little break at times

Drama – Drama can be one of the most damaging things to confidence motivation and focus.  It can not always be avoided but you can control how you react to it and whether you participate in it or not.


Keep a Journal

For me writing things down has made it much easier when working on staying focused.  Especially writing goals down so that I can keep track of my progress.   One of the things that you need to figure out is are you a digital or analog person.  If you like the feel of paper then stick with that if you are a digital person and are happy typing.  There are plenty of places that you can keep track of things on line.

I use Google Docs a lot for this.  This makes it so that I always have access to my notes and easy to share documents with people if I need to do that.  If you are a paper person then get yourself a nice notebook or a journal book.  It is nice to have it all together in one place.  Make it something that is easy for you to carry around with you.

I would recommend that you write in it every day.  You may not have to come up with new ideas to put in it.  Writing down your progress on the goals that you have set will help you to stay focused and possibly even come up with some new ideas.  It will also give you some organisation and a sense of accomplishment.   The better you feel about things the more you will be able to achieve.

It would also be helpful to write down other things in the journal.  Anything about your life that you are proud of or feel that you need to improve upon.  These items could include


It can include anything you want.  These are just some examples of what I use.


Break Old Bad Habits and Create New Good Habits

Habits are one of the hardest things to change.  They are called habits for a reason.  Research has shown that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit.  In my experience it takes longer than that or at least it feels longer to break a bad habit.  It is not a good idea to just try to brake an old habit.  You should replace it with a good habit.  This will increase your chances of success.  Leaving a void will just make you want to stick with that old bad habit.

Lets say you wan to decrease the amount of money you spend each month.  We can replace that habit of spending too much money with making a habit to save more money.  A good habit that most of us may want to achieve.  For me it was buying too many “designer” coffees.  I call them liquid candy bars.  They are oh so good.   I was getting way to many of them each week.  I was spending about $20 a week on these things.

While I liked them I did not realize how much I was spending on them till I actually sat down and figured out how many I was getting a week.  It was just habit for me to stop and pick one up as I drive by every day.   So I decided to just drink the black coffee (which I like as much as the liquid candy bar) and then force myself to drive by the coffee shop.  The good habit I developed with the help of my bank.  So that it looked like my account was going down the same amount as before.  I set up an automatic transfer of $20 each week to move money from my checking account to my savings account.  Not a huge change but it has made a difference.

The key here is to figure out your bad habit(s) you want to change and come up with a good habit to replace it.


Surround Yourself With People That Have Similar Goals

People with similar goals are going to help you get to the point of staying focused more quickly.  If you are around people that have no interest in what your goals are then they are going to become a distraction rather then helpful.

This can be very difficult to do.  A good example of this is pro athletes.   How many times have you heard about a player that has made millions of dollars during their career file for bankruptcy.   Some numbers say as many as 50% of the players in pro sports run out of money with in 5 years of retirement  Part of the problem they are finding is that the players were never able to identify the friends from their past that were really just money friends.  If someone that you have been around for a long time either in a relationship or a friend from long ago is bringing you down.  As hard as it is if you want to stay focused and reach your goals you may have to make the choice to move on from them.


Break Up Your Task in to Smaller Tasks

If you have a large goal it may be very difficult to stay focused.  The end result may seem out of reach.  If you break the task up in to smaller tasks you will get that rewarding feeling much sooner and it will help you to stay focused on the end result.

Say your task is to write a 100 page paper.  One Hundred pages is a lot.  At least for me it is.  But if you brake it up into smaller chunks then you can set many smaller goals.  It is easier to get to 5 pages then to 100.  Another thing that you can do by braking things up is to allow yourself to take brakes and to reward yourself for hitting the goal.  Rewards are remarkable motivators no matter how small the reward is.    I love to play arcade style games.  So while I was writing this every time I got one of the sections done I played a game of Candy Crush.  I know silly right?  Not really it actually worked and I was able to get this done.

None of the stuff in this post is ground braking.  But sometimes when working on staying focused you have to see it a few times to have it sink in.    I hope that some or all of the tips helped.  Drop me a note in the comments if any of these were helpful to you.

If you have a question you would like to ask but don’t want to put it in the comments you can fill out the Bit O Java contact form.

Get Motivated – Stand up Straight Embrace who you are

get motivated Motivation. It is not always easyWhile we at bitojava fully believe in the power of coffee,  I am sure you all had difficulty figuring that out….  LOL .  The truth is that is takes more than black liquid gold to motivate you and give you the confidence to get motivated.  There are many factors that play into building confidence and leading to you being motivated to get something done.  It really does not matter what it is.  It can be something big or something small.  So that comes to the question what are some simple things that you can do easily to get your motivation juices flowing?

Easy to lose focus

As I was starting to write this my mind was wandering around.  Which of course led to day dreaming which brought me to what would I do if I won the lottery…  See it is easy to get distracted.   Getting off track leading to lack of motivation and get things done.  While there is no sure fire way that will work every time there are different things you can try that will help to motivate you.  Sometime well maybe many times it is difficult to find those things even if it is something simple or something you have done before.

You will get motivated with these ideas.

Start the day with a positive attitude.  I know that this is not always an easy thing to do.  Many times it is difficult.  Really it is something that you can control.  You may not be able to control certain events in your life but you have complete control over how you react to them.   If you are a Monte Python fan you have hear the song Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.  Good way to start the day.  Good attitude can help your day start better and help you stay focused.

Get Motivated

  1. Set Large Goals and break them up into smaller bits.  You have the big picture but it seems like it is beyond attainable.  This can help lead to your lack of motivation.  If you break it up into smaller bits then you will achieve those smaller goals and help keep you motivated to get to the bigger goal.  Simple example:  Writing a blog post.  The whole post may seem overwhelming.  But one paragraph is a much smaller bit.  Much easier to attain.  Heck sometimes I have to break it down to “Just get one word written”  Many times after that it is off to the races and I get a bunch done
  2. Overcome your fear of failure or don’t be afraid to fail.  The fear of failure is a huge anti motivational tool.   If you never do it then you can not fail.  Everyone fails at many points in their life.  From big things to small things.  The reason people succeed is because they kept at it no matter how many times the failed till they reached success.
  3. Stand up or sit up straight and embrace who you are.  Studies have shown that good posture can help lead to a better attitude which can help to give you the confidence to get things done.    Think about it.  It makes sense.  When you are slouching or hunched over compared to when you are standing up straight.  Something simple that everyone can do.  Many times you do not even realize you are doing it.  It takes a conscious effort at first but after a while you will just do it.
  4. Eliminate distraction as much as possible.  When there are a lot of distractions then it is much easier to get off track and lose focus.  Try to keep your work area as distraction free as possible.  If you are in an office try closing your door.  If you are at home and have the TV on all the time try turning it off.  Make your work area for the task you are trying to accomplish.
  5. Do something that you enjoy.  Doing something that makes you happy will lead to getting more done.   If you are doing something that you do not enjoy it will make it much more difficult to get things done.  How many times have you just sat and thought about how much you did not want to do something?  It has happened to me many times.  Then when it gets to something that is fun it just comes to me and BAM the project is finished.  Well maybe not like that but it is fun.

You are in control. We use these ideas.   You should use these ideas to get motivated too. Other times it will be a combination of things.  Each time it may be different.

If you use any of these ideas to get motivated or have other ideas to get motivated  let us know in the comments.