Colombian Campasina from Queen Bean Coffee

Ok, just so you all know there is currently ongoing a huge snowball fight in hell…why?  Because yours truly, that is I, Me, and us (invoking Gollum) have found a Colombian coffee that we will drink more than once.


So while I have brought winter charm to the gates of Hades, that’s less important than telling you about this coffee.  If you have read my reviews you know that I am no fan of Colombian beans. These always seem to be overly bitter and strong to me, despite these misgivings I gave the Colombian Campasina from Mills Coffee Roasters/Queenbean Coffee a try.

These are shade grown, fully organic beans, grown at 4-5000 feet, in the Huila province of Colombia. And coming out of the burlap wrapped (nice touch) bag are a medium dark brown and evenly roasted. A light oil sheen was visible on the beans and the aroma was, well Colombian strong.


Brewing via the Aeropress, I used just a little less ground coffee than I would with say a Costa Rican or Sumatran. This coffee has some real “Gusto!” and morphed into a living bubbling creature in the Aeropress.  The resulting juice was strong, and full with some bitter notes, and perhaps a hint of dark chocolate on the finish…it was so/so. Next I loaded up my now deceased little coffee pot and started a full brew.

The aroma of brewing the Campasina filled the entire house and it did smell really bold and good. Tasting was a pleasant surprise in that 90% of the bitter note was gone and the chocolate tones were mixed with a smoky flavor and full body .  This is definitely a coffee for the COFFEE drinker, there is nothing fru’ fru’ in this cup.  After half a cup I found myself actually enjoying a Columbian coffee!

Where would I drink this coffee? With Chuck Norris, Teddy Roosevelt and Marcus Lutrell as we planned our military operations…..well in all seriousness, this will be my go-to coffee for my outdoors adventures, and I am going to grind some really fine and try it as Coffee Cubano as well..  It just has that punch of flavor like a good Arturo Fuente Cigar, or Bombay Sapphire Martini, in fact this is in my opinion the R. Lee Ermey of coffee!. So man up and order some QueenBean Colombian Campasina, you won’t regret it.




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