Java, Guns and Rock’n Roll…….with Ted Nugent

 *Edited as of 10/27/13 by request of Ted Nugent.*

If you listen to Rock and Roll music or have listened in the past oh, four decades, then you know the name Ted Nugent.  Aside from leaving a huge mark in the rock world with Wango Tango, Snakeskin Cowboys, Cat Scratch Fever, and Stranglehold (to name a scant few, a few over 30 million sold that is.), Ted is an unapologetic and highly opinionated force in the media.


No matter what the Nuge does these days it comes with controversy,  from his pro hunting and pro gun stance to his hard conservative politics, he draws fire from both political parties and numerous far left organizations, and in my opinion he loves every second of it. Regardless of whether you loathe him or love him, one thing is for certain, it’s refreshing to see anyone who is unapologetic for speaking about what they carry in their heart and truly believe.

While music making, hunting, and chasing political aspirations (rumors of a presidential run are floating about), it turns out the Motor City Madman loves him some coffee. In anticipation of receiving some Nuge Java for evaluation, @bitojavajessica was able to make contact with Ted’s people and get an email interview. And as they say, the rest is history…

What motivated you to create Nuge Java?

“Over many years I’ve come to truly appreciate a killer cup of Jo. I’ve experimented with great coffees around the world, and decided I would slap my adorable name and image on my own brew once I discovered the ultimate bean. The experiment is over.”


How involved are you personally in the selection of the beans and roasting of your coffee?-

“On one of my many forays into the neverlands to seek out and discover the ultimate Jo Bean, I literally coldcocked Juan Valdez and assjacked his burro in order to smuggle some mysterious select beans from Juans private mountain stash. It turned out ol Juan was actually running guns to drug cartels for attorney general Eric “GangBanger” Holder, so the world should surely rejoice that simply by searching for the ultimate brew, old Uncle Ted actually saved millions of tax dollars and stopped further infringements on our sacred 2nd Amendment rights. Drink an extra cup for me!”


If you are elected president, will Nuge Java be served on Air Force One?

“If I were Commander in Chief, I would trade in the bulky 747 AF1 for a brace of A10 Warthogs as they are capable of far superior firepower and I could actually blowup some America haters whenever I felt like flying around. And yes, each team mate would get a large thermos of NugeJava to go along with the various heavy firepower I designate.”


What is your preferred carry ammo for your 10 mm Glock?

The current state of commercial ammo (when you can find it) is the best it has ever been. Dare I say that the best of the best just so happens to be my own Ted Nugent Ammo, whipping a 165 or 135 grain Barnes projectile at hyper velocities for the most killer accuracy and downrange terminal kinetic energy delivery ever. And lots of it. If you are outgunned, you have made a terribly irresponsible choice.” 

What Ted Nugent song best describes Nuge Java?-

“Wango Tango. It’s something to do with the serious caffeine kick.”


What future roasts of Nuge Java do you plan on offering? –

“I’ve been experimenting with a killer new “doe in heat” brew, but that’s going to take a lot more development. Meanwhile, I’ve always loved a good spicy cinnamon that we are hoping to unleash soon. My tastebuds never rest.”

What characteristics do you look for in coffee?

“I prefer a hearty body and definitive taste punch that goes down smoothly, and of course a skinny blonde in the kitchen preheating my cup.”

Who has influenced you musically?

“My most powerful musical influences seem to occur when Mrs. Nugent brings me a cup-O-Jo in a fine peach number and those damn snakeskin hi heels, but I digress. Hyper Rockin nonstop for more than 50 years allowed me to be born in the R&B&R&R firestorm created by the original masters Bo Diddly, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Ventures, Lonnie Mack, James Brown, Wilson Picket, Screaming Jay Hawkins and so many enormously gifted talents. It also provides unlimited and unbelievable opportunities to meet the masters. The 1st time I met the mighty Motown Funkbrothers at Cobo Hall in Detroit in 1963 I figured I’d died and gone to heaven. But jamming with BB King, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddly, SRV, EVH, and so many legends always inspires me to push myself and discover the unlimited musical adventure through those virtuoso’s lives. I am a very, very lucky man.”


If you could sit down and have coffee with any president, who would it be and why?

“Barack Obama so I could lock the door and not let him leave the room until he admitted how much he hates America, freedom, independence and rugged individualism. I think I could pressure him with enough facts and evidence to either wake him up or send him to Bangkok where his dream is already in place.”

*For more information on Ted &  Nuge Java , Check Out: 

Just in time for Halloween, a coffee shop review.

So there I was, slithering down US 33 between Nelsonville and Athens Ohio with BitoJavaJessica in the co-pilots seat with a list of local coffee shops. Just ahead was the Spices of Life Gourmet Coffee shop in The Plains Ohio, and little was I to know  a simple coffee shop review could go so so wrong.

Being the million-mile-plus road warrior that I am, we managed to slip past all the road tax collectors and exited  into the bustling metropolis of The Plains. Finding the Spices of Life Gourmet Coffee Shop was a breeze, forgetting about it will likely require therapy on the Carolina Coast.


As the chilling rain came down, we parked outside the small house come coffee shop. From the outside it appeared quaint, stepping inside was perhaps more chilling than the autumn rain. Inside we found ourselves in a cramped area where the coffee bar and cash register was located. We were greeted by a friendly young lady who was soon joined by another. Curiously they stopped taking our order twice to ring out other customers.

The interior was jazz club dark, without the jazz or the atmosphere. Jessica ordered a Chai and a chocolate muffin while I finally got to order a cinnamon muffin and …….with a choice limited to coffee (origin unknown) or Blueberry coffee (origin unknown) I went for the blueberry.  My choice elicited “No one else has tried it!” from the staff. (at this point it finally dawned on me that we might be in trouble.)

We watched as Jessica’s Chai was made by pouring Tzao Chai mix from the local super market into a cup of steamed milk, followed by a discussion of “How do you do this” and “I have no idea”. I was passed a cup of mystery java-juice and we were handed a paper bag containing two muffins. After exchanging WTF glances and paying the staff, we headed to the Living Room which is exactly what it had been two weeks ago from the looks of it. There were four kitchen tables set up in the dark area and in all honesty I have been on cleaner city buses.

It was at this point my keen military training kicked into high gear and we decided to attack in another direction and retreated to the safety of the car. Finally seated I managed the first sip of the Blueberry coffee.  Hmm… the initial sip or two was not bad, blueberry was definitely there and it was not bitter or burned.  However; by the fifth or sixth drink it was overpowering sweet, not at all like the Grounded Coffee Company brew we reviewed a while back.

Jessica had by this time drank a little of the Chai and was strapped into her seat, seemingly in a comatose state, her eyes were glazed, her face pale and her mouth opening and closing rapidly. This brought immediate fear that she had somehow turned and would soon be straining at the seat belt to gnaw my arm off in a lust for human flesh.  As I alternately searched for something to use as a defensive weapon and wondered if I could smuggle her into D.C. and turn her loose on Capitol Hill, I accidentally turned off the stereo. As the thunderous pipes and drums of Albanach ceased to fill my ears, I realized Jessica was speaking : “I wish this was Dancing Turtle Chai” over and over.

As Jessica recovered from bad Chai, and I located a bottle of water, we started into the muffins. Mine in all fairness was ok, not fantastic but not bad. Poor Jessica on the other hand discovered that she had acquired a lump of unbaked dough surrounded my a thin layer of muffin! Fortunately she managed to live without the airsickness bag I keep in the glove box. Recovering somewhat we abandoned our goal of a shop review in Athens until next week and turned West towards home.


Spices of Life Coffee Shop Ratings 1-5

Staff Friendliness 4

Staff Knowledge  2

Atmosphere     1

Food   1  (Really? you cannot bake a muffin?)


Blueberry Coffee

Color: Unknown

Aroma:  2.5   mild sweet aroma

Bitterness (1=very bitter 5=Sour):  3.5/ 5     Strong overly sweet

Taste:   1  Blueberry overload

Drinkability: 1.5


Chai : a picture is worth a thousand reviews


Thursday Night Coffee Recipe – Late Night Mocha

Late Night Mocha






*Enough coffee  & water to brew 8 cups

*1/2 tsp. Cinnamon

*1 cup Hazelnut Half & Half

*2 tsp. Vanilla

*1/2 cup Chocolate Syrup

* 4 tsp. sugar

* Ice (crushed)

For Garnish (Optional) :

*Whipped Cream

*Shaved Chocolate


Make coffee, adding the cinnamon to your ground coffee before brewing.

Chill cinnamon coffee.

In a  pitcher, combine chilled cinnamon coffee, half & half, chocolate syrup, vanilla , and  sugar. Stir until chocolate is completely incorporated.

Pour mixture evenly among 10 glasses,( about 1/2 cup in each).

Add 1/2 cup of crushed ice to each glass.

Garnish with whipped cream/chocolate and enjoy!

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Facebook like button – Why posts may not show up as expected

Bit O Java TechYou like fan pages on Facebook.  We all do.   That is part of  being able to connect on Facebook.   You have your friends, places, web sites and businesses you want to follow all in a convenient place,   your news feed.   The is  where everything you want to see and follow shows up.   We’ll at least you think it shows up.  If  you look closer you will see that there is also a pages feed.   It is in the menu on the left side of the screen under the pages heading.  This is where all the posts from fan pages you follow shows up.    How many of you knew that?   I am sure that some of you did.   I am more sure that most of you did not.    Or if you are like me you you know The Pages Feed is there but don’t want to take the time to click on it, you just want everything to show up in your News Feed.   A few months ago Facebook made a change to the way it decided things from fan pages will show up in your news feed.  Things you want to show up might not show up as you expected.    Facebook is trying to figure out what you want to see and as we know with spam filters their filters may not be as smart as they think they are.   I am sure it also has something to do with advertising but that is for another post.

Fortunately, there is an easy way for you to configure Facebook to show all the posts from the pages you like on your News Feed.

First Open up the page you would like to configure.

Find the Liked Button

liked button

Hover your mouse over it to bring up the sub menus


Click on Settings…


If you want to receive all updates in your News Feed click on All Updates


That’s it.  Now you will receive all updates from this Fan Page in your News Feed.  If you decide you want to receive less updates you can change it to Only Important updates.

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BitoJava, Guatemala Medium Roast


No I am not so vain as to review our own coffee, but I am excited to let you know we finally have the first of the BitoJava Gourmet Roasts in stock! We will be releasing these in varying but small size batches of 100 to 200lbs total. Each batch will be different and each coffee will be excellent! It is unlikely any batch will be exactly duplicated again.


We recently began a partnership with Backroom Roasters of Columbus Ohio, to find us primo beans, work with our tastes and find the perfect roast for our signature coffees. Chris at Backroom Roasters had just gotten these awesome Guatemalan beans and we asked him to roast them to a perfect medium to unleash the fruit and nut flavors without being sour or bitter. He did an incredible job.

Get yours now, there are fewer than 100 12oz. bags left! Help us sell out the initial run so that we can venture forth and find the next BitoJava exclusive roast for you!

Should I Open that e-mail?

emailI get asked questions about opening e-mail attachments just about every day.  Someone asks if they should open the e-mail that they got from a friend that claims it is the funniest, cutest, most important e-mail ever.   It is a high risk low reward choice to open that e-mail.  If you open the e-mail chances are that it is probably not as funny, cute or important as it claims in the subject line.  The bigger problem is that it may also contain a virus or be a piece of malware.  At that point you have to ask yourself. “Is it worth the risk”!   If you don’t open it you may miss out on that funny, cute, important picture story or video but you will decrease your risk of getting a virus on your computer from that e-mail.

What it really comes down to is being aware of the difference in what you are getting in an email and what you are expecting.  If you get an unexpected e-mail from someone with an attachment you have to ask yourself is it normal for this person to send you an e-mail with an attachment and is it worth the risk of opening it.  If the e-mail is from someone you do not know then the answer is always NO!  Do not open it.  There is nothing in there that can be of any benefit to you.  At that point it is a risk only with no reward.  The unfortunate truth is that there are a lot of people out there that will play on human emotions in order to take advantage of as many people that they can.  Those people are betting that enough people will open the e-mail to make it worth their while to send it out.  Since sending out Spam and Malware e-mail is a relatively low cost business they do not need a high response rate to make it worth their while.  We are still getting tons of spam mail so clearly they are right.

The key is to not be part of the problem. This type of e-mail is not going to go away so it is up to each individual to protect themselves as much as possible. Don’t be upset with yourself if you have opened an e-mail and had something undesirable happen to your computer or your data. It happens to the best of us. The question is did you learn from your experience so that you can minimize your risk down the road.

Sending and receiving e-mail is a part of the way we all do business or keep in touch with family and friends. So not using e-mail is not an option for many people. So the best thing to do is to be aware of the danger to opening unexpected or unknown e-mails.

There are several things that you should think of before opening the e-mail attachment even if from a friend.

  • Were you expecting an e-mail with an attachment ?
  • What kind of attachment is it?
  • How important is the e-mail?
  • Is it worth the risk of opening this e-mail?

If any one of these questions is answered with a no or an unknown then delete it and save yourself the headache of dealing with something bad happening to your computer and your data.