Live from the Central Ohio Infosec Summit

First the important stuff, the free coffee and spread of food has been very good! The coffee selection at these events is generally  in one category: bitter. Fortunately the Greater Columbus Convention Center has someone on staff that buys fair to good coffee.



This is the third year I have attended this event, and sadly the number of vendors present this year is down noticeably. The speaker lineup however is better than last year when we were told the biggest threat to national security is anonymous. This year gave a much more broad range of speaker talent, minus the government bureaucrat speakers.

The Verizon breach report wain revealing this year given 19 organizational sources who provided the data, showing that financial data is still the prime interest to attackers. Another interesting tidbit was the number of attacks from inside, more than you would think.

My favorite presenter last year was Lt. Col William Hagestad (Ret.) who runs a company called Red Dragon Rising, he is one of the foremost experts in the Chinese Cyber Warfare threat. This year I actually was able to chat privately with Bill in the hallway and as always he is truly a gentleman with a sharp take on Asian politics and events, our discussion on my theories on China involvement in North Korea was the highlight of the event for me as it’s not often you can spend one on one time with someone who is plugged in like Col Hagestad.  Oh,  And yes the Chi-Coms are still pilfering Billions in intellectual property yearly.

If you are in the Tech or Information Security fields, I strongly suggest joining the Central Ohio ISSA chapter and attending the Central Ohio Infosec Summit next year.