guatamalaviennaGuatamala has been known for some time as a top shelf coffee producer, so we had to try some beans from just south of Mexico.

These beans are very dark brown, and very oily, based on prior experience with beans of this color and texture I expected a bitter brew.

The aroma of the unground beans is very rich, and made me wish I had a good cigar to accompany my cup.

We ground these very fine to release as much of the oil as possible into the brew, and surprisingly the final product is very smooth with just a touch of bite in the finish.

Flavor:  Walnuts and tobacco


Overall score from two tasters on a scale of 1-10, 1 being an old sweat-sock and 10 being superb.

  1. Aroma   7,  8
  2. Visual/color 8, 9
  3. First Taste 8,  8
  4. Drinkability 8, 8 

Takeaway: if you’re working all night tech support, skip the Indian and go Guatemalan!