Attitude is everything – You are in control

Attitude is everything Attitude is everything.  Yes it really is true.  What ever your attitude is toward a project or your goals.  Will decide whether you will be successful or not. Can this really be true?  Is it really that simple?  Yes it really is.  But it is all up to you.  Change tour attitude change your life. […] Continue reading →

Goals or Desires – you make the call

Goals or Desires Goals or Desires Goals or desires which one are you?  We have talked a a lot about setting goals.  For some people that may not work.  Some people may need to change their train of thought.  It really all comes down to semantics. defines them as: Goals – the result or achievement toward which effort […] Continue reading →

How to decide to live the good life

The Good Life One of the most difficult things to do is to decide to live the good life.  What do you really want and how are you going to get there?  There are so many questions to ask.  So many avenues to follow.   How can you possibly figure it all out.  Really it is overwhelming.  Or […] Continue reading →

A Triumphant return from minor adventures.

I am back, ensconced behind the walls of the family compound, fine cigar in hand and Martini at the ready. I am tired, happy to be home, and yet melancholy as we have left the coast. Yes readers, we are only just back from our annual get-a-way to the Carolina Coast. Sadly, it was but a […] Continue reading →

Living the Good Life…….

Stay with us as we explore some of the finer things and experiences, from Travel to Clothing, Food, Coffee of course, Cigars, Whiskeys and more….. Hey, Gotta run there’s a $10 Dominican Robusto to smoke, BLS on the Itunes, and Angels Envy to quench my thirst, Continue reading →

Staying Focused The True Task

Focus on the task you are trying to accomplish Staying Focused … Oh look a Squirrel Staying Focused for many people is one of the most difficult obstacles to over come.  At times when you are trying to complete just about any task your mind wanders and the distractions come easily.  Sometimes it is from lack of motivation.  Other times it is just because […] Continue reading →